Editoid 1.2.1 Update
Published in 12/17/2013
By: Imageneering

Editoid is now compatible with Mountain Lion and Mavericks, besides Lion and Snow Leopard (from 10.6.8).
Version 1.2.1 also includes:

1. Bug correction where in some cases the exported project would have no audio.
2. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Editoid was tested with Final Cut Pro X from 10.0.1 up to 10.0.9.
In some cases, the Start button at Editoid's pane will not activate. If this happens, just quit and open System Preferences again. Also, the start button will not activate if the Templates and In/Out folders are not configured.

Editoid 1.2.1 Update is free for Editoid owners. Just download the free trial again and install it on the same Mac on which your licensed copy of Editoid is installed.

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